About Us

A Leading End-to-End Security Solutions Provider

LEEDS Security is a leading end-to-end security solutions provider. Equipped with a team of professional and certified calibers, LEEDS Security is committed to delivering detailed risk analysis and security solutions, capitalizing on innovative technology and communications systems available both internally and to clients for a completely secure environment. Holding all security clearances and required licenses, LEEDS Security provides customers with the full range of business security solutions ranging from guard services, physical security to integrated manned security services and advanced security systems. With a customer centric approach, LEEDS Security crowns its commitment to customers with insurance programs that protect customers from cases of negligence. Strict physical and technological monitoring systems ensure our security services quality. A TEAM OF SECURITY EXPERTS With a strong management board enjoying a solid track record in the field of security and facility management in Egypt, LEEDS Security carefully handpicks experienced calibers in the field of security. Ongoing periodical and distinctive training programs ensure our team’s enhanced security qualifications and efficiency.

About Sky Investments

LEEDS Security is a subsidiary of Sky Investments, a leading family-owned conglomerate in Egypt. Sky Investments is an Egypt-centric private investment company founded in 1977 with a large and diversified portfolio operating in a spectrum of industries including energy, distribution and logistics, real estate, manufacturing, food and beverage, and tourism. With capital at work in seventeen companies and employing over 14,000 employees, Sky Investments capitalizes on more than forty years of local expertise and business networks, while identifying promising opportunities and unlocking business potential.